~ Our Adoption Story ~

Hello. Welcome To the adoption Story. So far this is just a bit about us. I’ll Start Adding More as the process gets on. 🙂 ❤

Daniel first met Noah when he was 6 months old. It was 21/09/11 and we went swimming at the local pool. I remember Daniel being a tad nervous because every time I did my shopping in Asda, Noah would cry, But when we got there Noah was happy to have a cuddle and really enjoyed swimming with him, after that we met up a few more time taking Noah to the local soft play area, going for walks up the Nothe!. It was lovely watching them both play.

On 5/03/11 Daniel and I became a Couple! and every time we met up Noah and Daniel became even closer! I felt so blessed and happy!

He was there through all of Noah’s firsts and loved watching him grow up with me! Daniel would have Noah on a monday while I’d go to a local parents course. i trusted him with Noah and every time I got home Noah was so happy! A big smile on his face, he get sad when Daniel would have to go home. so I asked Daniel to move in with us! and he did, on 15/01/12 Daniel moved in. It felt wonderful being a little family together 🙂 I was so happy! Noah was happy and so was Daniel. He loved being there to say goodnight and good morning to Noah and I! Coming home to use and having our dinner together chatting about our days. It was wonderful!

Noah Started calling Daniel ‘Daddy’ I changed it to ‘Daddyburt’ but he wasn’t having any of that! it was Daddy! People asked why i let him and my reply was.. “his Real dad isn’t really involved, doesn’t help bring him up and moved away”. and he wasn’t!

Noah’s Father, Jack never wanted to be involved, it was so upsetting, I tried my hardest but there was no bond between them! He would come down each month but didn’t stay for very long.
and as time went on Daniel and I got engaged and I became pregnant with Ava-Grace! So I asked Jack on what he thought about Adoption. at first he needed to think about it and then agreed!. so here we are; in the first steps of Adoption!

When I rang the lady at the council; she said “It’s requirement to notify the local authority in writing a letter of an intent to adopt the Noah. It has to be done three months before an application to the court can be made”.

The process will be long! I got told it will be easy but will be hard at the same time because the Court needs to be happy with the welfare of the child! To make sure this is the right step for Noah! I do hope the court will see how much Daniel loves Noah! he is well looked after and is always happy! (apart from when he not getting his own way 😛 ).

After a detailed report has been made for the court. They will allocate a social worker to complete the report, Who will then come and vist us at home and see us as family! after they have visited us they will then Contact jack to talk to him on his wishes and views, and because Jack has agreed it won’t be hard to contact him. They will also Talk to Noah’s teacher because he will be at school then. Complete Criminal records and then talk to Noah! 🙂

Although it sounds straight forward but it will take a long time to complete because of the checks! after that it will go to the court! The lady said there shouldn’t be any issues as Jack has fully agreed!

So please keep following us on our journey! the support you are giving us is amazing! and We thank you so much for all your kind words!

…and as all our friends know; Burty adores Noah and would do anything for him, Noah think Daniel is his superhero :).

When I was pregnant with Noah I made a promise to let him see his father, to decide if he wanted contact. To never get in the way!.

I haven’t broke that promise I made. I have tried my hardest and can’t do it anymore! Jack has made his Choice in life to not be a dad. I’m not angry or hurt because Noah has everything he needs From Daniel and I.

But I will promise Noah this ..

I will always be truthful to him and will never lie. I love him, I can’t do that to him. He is my little Prince!








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