A Little Bit About us♡


~ A family Blog Written By Chrissie & Dan ~

About Us :). 

At first it was just Noah & I but then Daniel (Husband, Dan, Burty) joined our family. After being a family of 3 for a year in half we found out we where excepting Ava-Grace.  We’ve recently just got married and our life feels complete. Our days are filled with their smiles, Laughs, Hugs, Kisses and of course the Dreaded tantrums!. As much as it can be hard some days I wouldn’t change my life for the world.  It’s our little fairy tail ❤ When Dan isn’t working and Noah’s not at School we love spending time as family. We live in seaside town with lots of countryside around us to explore. The kids love being outdoors exploring new places so I don’t think we could live in a city lol. We also enjoy arts and crafts, local play areas and picnics in the park :). We love our movie nights together and our lazy days :P.

I started this blog to keep memories of planning our wedding which you can read here. Also to write all about Dan adopting Noah which is now written by Dan. he also wrote this blog. Any blogs written by him will D.B at the end :).

People have asked many times why we have put it public and my answer is here in this Blog. You can also find more of our progress Here. Whilst I’ve been blogging about I’ve come across some other bloggers who are also or have done Step-Parent Adoption. So I’m glad I have added it to my blog. Of course now Our Blog is about everything about what we get up to. also the stuff I love and want to share with you all :).  Your more then welcome to follow us 🙂

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